Understanding How Canada Is NOT A Country

The Myth Is Canada is making a HUGE claim here when we are outright declaring that Canada is NOT a country and to back that claim up you may want to ask yourself what makes a country in the first place?

With that question comes the answer… authentic documentation such as the British North American Act, 1867 that created the Dominion of Canada via the British Parliament over 150 years ago. The same can be said for dissolving it. And that’s exactly what happened 44 years later in 1931 with the Statute of Westminster.

There is a little more to it in regards to actions Queen Victoria took in repealing section 2 of the BNA Act with the 1893 Statutes Law Revisions Act – which removed the monarch’s Heirs and Successors – and with her death in 1901 bringing an end to British control over the provinces (watch the Critickill Thinker videos to the right as Doug explains this), but let’s just stay focused on the other documentation that was legislated in by the British Parliament.

Using the simple words from the flawed Canadian Encyclopedia website with regards to the 1931 statute, the statute “…granted these former colonies full legal freedom except in those areas where they chose to remain subordinate to Britain” (emphasis added).

The colonies being Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the Irish Free State, and Canada being the only one to chose to remain subordinate to Britain.

So why on earth would the politicians representing the people of Canada choose to remain subordinate to the Queen and British rules of any kind at all when they were just handed their freedom from being ruled? The answer can be found in an interview with Pierre Elliot Trudeau that we included in our The Myth Is Canada teaser video. This is what he said…

“Who needs special powers? The politicians. They’re the ones who want special powers, naturally, because they’re in the power game. And what they can get from Ottawa they will have more in Charlottetown and Quebec City and Victoria BC. That’s the game of politics… power.”

That’s it folks… straight from the horse’s mouth.

What happened at that moment in 1931 was that – publicly – the federal government ceased to exist (Read all about it! eh?). But it had a lot of power with money coming in (among other things) and it didn’t want to let go of that power and money. Again, watch the Critickill Thinker videos to the right to learn what exactly happened here and why.

Leading up to the 1931 statute, the 1926 Imperial Conference was held in London with all the Prime Ministers of the colonies of the British Empire in attendance and they produced the Balfour Declaration which declared the desired position of the colonies, that of which stated, “They are autonomous Communities within the British Empire, equal in status, in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united by a common allegiance to the Crown, and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations” (emphasis added).

The British 1931 statute solidified it, and with that it officially ended the federal government of Canada and Canada itself, setting the stage for all the provinces to form their own constitutions as sovereign states.

With The Myth Is Canada movement, the goal is to educate each other about our history across all the sovereign provinces and take back what was taken from us by establishing de jure governing bodies with our own constitutions.

Ontarians!! Want to make a real country? Let’s get educated to get liberated from the rogue de facto governments that are in control of our lives and stealing our wealth!

9 Replies to “Understanding How Canada Is NOT A Country”

  1. We need to get a Constituion written and passed by a commitee ASAP. T federal debt is balloning in this covid 19 Pandemic and the sooner this gets done, the better it will for both Ontario and Canada

    1. In order to create a Constitution, we need to correct our individual identity so we can proclaim we are of the common law. See website awarriorcalls.com

      1. Yes Marie, that is part of the process, but nothing will change until we educate the people about both. When the numbers grow, everything will take shape. The main focus here is education. And I am very familiar with Christopher’s work, I’m a good friend of his and built his website. Cheers.

  2. It is true that we have to get our common law identity and correct what we already have in the maritime waters of “Canada”. There is another option for those who want to go common law ID which was created by David Lindsay and Mozafar M. back in about 2005. It is a very professional looking ID card and has all the information to identify you as the living man or woman in an affidavit form and card that you can easily carry around. People have used this Common Law ID card successfully to travel abroad to many countries, purely on the merits of this ID card. For more information please email us at kpandit933@yahoo.ca or go to http://www.letsi.com/forum and get further information there.

    1. I saw that awhile ago. There are some things we are doing that can help establish get the “land” back under our feet – getting alloadial title. But “anything” such as that is just another step in the right direction and keeping us out of their jurisdiction of commerce.

  3. Shawn
    To get the numbers up could we use our FB groups to get the word out and use Zoom to educate people?

    1. Of course, and there is a facebook group to connect with people. We were doing zoom calls but our lives got disrupted by the plandemic. But will still need to educate people for when the time comes.

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